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Swiss Galopper Studs/Spikes

Swiss Galopper Studs/Spikes


7 spikes with hard metal insert, for maximum hold and minimal wear.


7 spikes with hard metal insert, for maximum hold and minimal wear.

The spikes are to be attached in the predrilled holes where the sole is reinforced. 1 spare spike is included in case of loss.


A hole with a diameter of max. 4.2mm and a depth of max. 9mm can be drilled. The spikes are then screwed in with a ratchet or open-ended wrench until they are snug. Care must be taken that the spike head does not turn further on the shoe, otherwise the spikes will no longer hold well and will be lost.
To ensure a better grip, we recommend additionally securing the spikes with an adhesive. We use the “Ergo” type “5039 GEL” adhesive.


Please do not use a cordless screwdriver, as this can lead to overtightening of the thread and as a result, the spikes will no longer hold sufficiently in the shoe and will be lost.

Important NOTE:

When using spikes, we only recommend new hoof boots with an intact sole, without using abrasion, otherwise there is a risk that the spike will push through.

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