FRA Macanta Bosal Hackamore

FRA Macanta Bosal Hackamore


The FRA (Freedom Riding Articles) Macanta is a complete bosal bitless bridle. 

– Bradur, a light-colored rawide bosal (sort of noseband) 
– Sabir, a light-brown 2-ear headpiece made of leather, finished with rawide 
– Motina, a dark PP mecate (you tie it to reins and lead rope), the mecate is 6.70 m long and 14 mm thick.

The bosal bitless bridle system controls with the bosal. This only gives aids on the nose of the horse. Due to the stiffness of the bosal, a bosal always has a good release in the aids. A bosal is not supposed to be tight around the nose of a horse, you can make it slightly narrower with the help of the mecate.

Available in one size, suitable for cob and horse.

Parts can also be ordered separately.

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