EDIX® GP Treeless Pad

EDIX® GP Treeless Pad


The EDIX® Courville pad is cut in the same way as the Courville treeless saddle, but is also suitable for other treeless saddles. Made from quilted cotton, with an underside of high-quality genuine Merino® fur skin.

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On both sides of the spine there are 2 large and 3 small pockets on the top for inserts, all with felt inserts. Of course, a different type of insert can be chosen as required. Because the pad has 8 insert compartments, this to improve the position of the saddle or for additional pressure distribution. Where the rider’s leg rubs while riding, a nylon reinforcement is provided to prevent wear.

High-quality Merino wool is technically probably still one of the most advanced materials in the world. Because the complete fur lambskin is used instead of shaved and woven wool, the benefits of this natural material are optimally exploited. That is why we recommend that you use it directly on the horse’s back.

All EDIX® Merino pads are fitted with a new design free spinal canal of short shaved fur,  developed in a way to reduce pressure points and to provide optimal protection for your horse’s spine. Furthermore, the Merino fur skin has a large surface so that the panels of the saddle rest completely on it. As a result, the natural fibers effectively distribute the perspiration to the outside, while at the same time pressure is distributed and shocks are absorbed.


  • quilted double stitched step fabric
  • anatomical shape
  • the abrasive part is reinforced with nylon
  • 8 separate loading compartments that can be closed with Velcro
  • Supplied as standard with felt inserts
  • Merino® fur sheet 30 mm fur bottom
  • Freespine due to shaved fur in the spine
  • cutback in fabric for wither freedom
  • Velcro straps for attachment to the saddle
  • machine washable


On both sides of the spine there are 2 large and 3 small pockets on the top for inserts, all with felt inserts, however, you can opt to change for a diffent type of insert or add a set of 2 extra inserts to your purchase.

  • Felt pads are breathable, heat regulating and moisture absorbing. They have a light pressure distributing capacity and are supplied per set. Depth: 10 mm
  • The universal EDIX® Poly-Press inserts are made of composite foam, have a light pressure distributing capacity and are supplied per set. Depth: 15mm
  • Neoprene pads offer sustainable quality, good adaptability to the horse’s back and compressed to a very limited extent under pressure Depth: 15 mm
  • The EDIX® 3 Mesh inserts have a high degree of shock-absorbing and adapt to the anatomy, but have the ability to return to the original state. A very high-quality, durable pressure-distributing material with an open cell structure. The honey grade structure guarantees optimum ventilation even when loaded, in all directions. You can test the resilience by taking the material between two flat hands and then applying pressure with equal flat hands. The material will not last or you cannot press it flat. This load is comparable to the load that we issue with our seat on the saddle or riding bareback and indirectly via the 3 mesh on the horse’s back. Depth: 22mm


Available in brown and black, combined with different colours of fur, in sizes S, M and L

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Cappuccino, Black, Brown


L, M, S


Felt, Poly Press, Neoprene, Mesh

Extra Inserts

None, Felt, Poly Press, Neoprene, Mesh


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