EDIX® Equis Western Saddle

EDIX® Equis Western Saddle


A completely treeless western saddle with round skirt, decorations and exquisite detail. The EDIX® Equis is a real western feel. Made from a very strong and elegantly decorated Buffalo leather, where the seat is made of suede in a contrasting color.

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A beautifully hand decorated treeless saddle, with an interchangeable pommel.

The EDIX® Equis is made of a super strong quality Buffalo leather, with a suède seat. The EDIX® Equis treeless saddle offering a solid seat and optimal freedom of movement for your horse, makes that is saddle is great to enjoy long relaxed rides out, as well as for Western disciplined riding. Combined with an EDIX® seat cover made of Australian Merino sheepskin for an even more comfortable experience.  The front rigging Dee of the EDIX® Equis is connected to an built in Y shape connected straps, this connection allows the girth force to interact across a larger area of the saddle, as the connections are fastened inside the saddle at the front and the back, as opposed to in the middle.

The EDIX® Equis western saddle has the familiar “round skirt” cut-out and is therefore also ideal for horses with a relatively short back. The leather and construction of this saddle means that the saddle is also suitable for a bit more heavier rider. The EDIX® Equis can be combined with the saddlebags and a breastplate, for which various D-rings have been applied.

The pommel is interchangeable and therefore adaptable for a high or low withers. The pommel is made of fiberglass and the cantle is made of the soft material high density foam. They each link the left and right part of the saddle and together they offer stability to the saddle and seating comfort for the rider. Due to the saddle’s construction freedom of movement for the spine is created.

An EDIX® Equis treeless saddle offers your horse optimum pressure distribution using the special layers of flexible materials: EDIX® MPDS, (multiple pressure distribution system). These soft, flexible layers adapt to the anatomy of the horse, as well as the rider’s posture. An EDIX® treeless saddle optimally reacts to the movements of the horse. Partly due to this, the rider learns to adapt to the horse’s movements and, as such, develops an independent position. As a result, the movements of the horse and rider become one, and from there, excellent communication is created. Because the horse is moving much more freely, it has the possibility to develop optimally, which is often shown by an increase in muscle mass. Due to the above and after the habituation period, both horse and rider, show in all aspect of horse riding more relaxation and more fluid movement.

The EQUIS Saddle:

  • Special structure, the EDIX® MPDS (multi-pressure distributions system)
  • Equipped with EDIX® MPDS (multiple pressure distribution system)
  • High quality and supple Buffalo leather
  • Interchangeable pommel
  • Sued covered seat
  • Built-in EDIX® Y-girthing
  • Including leather reinforced Tie-strap and Off-Billet
  • D-rings
  • Weight saddle 6,9 kilo

Complete Set or Saddle Only

EDIX® recommends purchasing a treeless saddle as a complete package, including stirrups,  stirrup leathers and a matching special treeless saddle pad including inlays. The special treeless saddle pads are through their construction an addition on the pressure distributing materials of treeless saddles. The EDIX® pads are anatomically shaped and equipped with the correct inlays ensure freedom of movement for the spine. If required, additional pressure and position distributing material can be added. The position-correcting material can be added in the upper insert compartments, so that you can temporarily improve a saddle position. EDIX® offer various models of pads that fit under the Equis saddle. There is a choice between saddle pads with a felt base and finished with a synthetic wool, or a foam based saddle pad finished with an Australian Merino sheepskin. If necessary, additional pressure distributing and / or position correcting material can be added in the upper insert pockets. All EDIX® pads are specially designed for the EDIX® treeless saddles, but also fit under many other treeless saddles.

To give our clients the option, you can purchase the saddle only, with our choice of matching English or Western accessories earning you a 5% discount or you can browse our website and build the saddle to your liking.


The complete EQUIS set includes:

  • Equis Western Saddle
  • Pommel Size Choice (Western)
  • Free fitting guide
  • Contour Synthetic Pad OR Long Fur Pad
  • Equis Western Fenders
  • Equis Western Stirrups
  • Horn cover

The EDIX® Equis saddle can be combined with the EDIX® saddlebags and breastplate, for which various rings have been fitted The EDIX® anatomical soft leather padded elastic girth and the fully elastic girth of F.R.A. are optional but their elasticity ensure a rock-solid fixation of your saddle and freedom for the horse to expand his belly.

In order to ensure constant firm fixation, we recommend a fully or partly elastic girth for a consistently fixed position. A durable elasticity tailored to your horse’s strength, which will save your saddle from undesirable forces that are caused by the varying abdominal circumference of your horse while riding. The elastic of the girth always adjusts itself in length and has the possibility to keep the saddle in place with constant tension. Besides the EDIX® anatomical soft leather padded elastic girth we also offer the fully elastic girth of F.R.A.

The saddle only EQUIS set includes:

  • Equis Western Saddle
  • Pommel Size Choice (Western) – Free fitting guide

***We recommend use with the EDIX® treeless pads to ensure correct fit and spinal clearance.***

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EDIX Saddles come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty as standard.

An additional 1 year is available to saddle owners who follow the maintenance procedure as laid out in the guarantee as received with your saddle at time of purchase.



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