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The Ultimate Bitless Collection


The Ultimate Bitless Collection

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SAVE 10% when you buy both the DVD & Guide together as the Ultimate Collection. 

  • Double DVD – over 2 hours of demonstrating anatomy, types of bridles, assessment and transitioning to bitless.
  • Bitless 101 Guide – over 60 illustrated pages of information about fitting & selecting bitless bridles.
  • Bitless 101 Pocket Digital Copy – you will instantly receive a digital copy of the Bitless 101 guide with unlimited downloads & devices. A pocket digital guide you can access anywhere 24/7

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The Ultimate Guide

DVD & Book Set is the ultimate guide to bitless horseriding. With over 60 illustrated pages and 2 hours of demonstrations. Learn how to fit & select bitless bridles PLUS transitioning to bitless with 2* event rider Niamh O’Carroll and talk from Equine Therapist & BHS Instructor Robert Walsh.

as featured in….

What you can learn with Bitless 101

Bridle Fitting

This illustrated guide explains the basics of anatomy in relation to bridle fit, specifically bitless bridles and how fitting can affect behavior.

(Applicable to all types of bridles, not only bitless.)

Bitless Assessment

Fully illustrated guide to assessing your horse.

Create a record of the exercises with your horse to determine the bridle that will be most suited to their anatomy & sensitivity.

Bitless Bridles

Learn about types of bridles and how they work.

  • Mechanical Hackamores
  • Non-Mechanical Hackamores
  • Double Bridles
  • Multi-Bridles

Fitting Guides

A universal guide to measuring and fitting guide for different types of bridles.

Also includes some branded fitting guides.

Featured Brands

Equine Partnership do not take payment for any of the bridles featured in the book. We offer an unbiased explanation for each bridle, from both experience of testing and riding in each bridle

Bitless Masterclass DVD

The Bitless Masterclass DVD  includes:

  • Fitting a Bitless Bridle with Anatomy
  • Types of Bitless Bridles & How They Work
  • Assessing for a Bitless Bridle
  • Ground Transitioning
  • Ridden Transitioning
  • Bitless in XC
  • Exclusive Interview with Phillippa Christie
  • How Niamh O’Carroll Eventing uses Bitless in training
  • Talk with Robert Walsh on the importance of a well fitted bridle
  • Specialist Advice such as: How to tie a Mecate

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