Bitless 101 Selecting & Fitting a Bitless Bridle v2

Bitless 101 Selecting & Fitting a Bitless Bridle v2


Which bitless bridle will work best for your horse or pony?

Bitless 101 is a guidebook that shows you simple, easy to follow exercises that can teach you how to make informed choices when selecting a bitless bridle, how they work and how to fit the bridle for your horse.

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Bitless 101 : Selecting & Fitting a Bitless Bridle

Why Fitting is Important

This illustrated guide explains the basics of anatomy in relation to bridle fit, specifically bitless bridles and how fitting can affect behavior.

Bitless Assessment

Fully illustrated, create a record of the exercises with your horse to determine the bridle that will be most suited.

How to Choose a Bridle

Learn how to work with your horse to select the most appropriate bridle to support your training.

Bridle Types & How They Work

Learn about types of bridles and how they work.

  • Mechanical Hackamores
  • Traditional Bosals
  • Crossunder
  • Lightrider
  • LG
  • Matrix
  • Micklem
  • Nurtural
  • Orbitless
  • Scawbrig
  • Sidepull
  • Transcend Double

Fitting Guides

A basic measuring and fitting guide for different types of bridles, includes some branded fitting guides.

ISBN: 9781090435361

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