Fit Kit Appointments

Fit Kit appointments available, please contact us to arrange.

Online Consultation

Online Sizing consultations are free of charge, providing you can send us the correct photos as shown below.

To size your horse you will need the following:

1. Two measurements per hoof

First Measurement – Length

The correct measurement is taken at the heel buttress. 120mm or 4 3/4″ in this example

First Measurement – HEEL BUTTRESS

Measure to the heel buttress only, and not to where the hoof contacts the skin

Second Measurement – Width

Place your tape measure across the widest part of the hoof. 120mm or 4 3/4″ in this example

2. A photo of the hoof straight on so we can assess the shape and any flare.

Scoot Boot Sizing Chart

Scoot Boots Sizing Chart

Scoot Slims Sizing Chart

Measuring and Fitting your Cavallo Hoof Boots

Cavallo Boots are SIMPLE to MEASURE

1 ) Measure the hoof  carefully just AFTER A FRESH TRIM.
2) Measure the length from the heel buttress line to the toe.  Do NOT include heel bulbs. (Refer to the diagram and video below)
3) Measure right across the widest part of each hoof.>
4) Compare your measurements to Cavallo sizing chart below.  Stay within the boot size range as room for growth has already been allowed for between regular trims.  The Cavallo Regular sole is best for a hoof that is measuring the same length and width. The Slim sole is 1/4 inch (6 mm) narrower than long and better suited to a more oval shaped hoof.
5) Please re-measure if  the length is greater than the width by two sizes,  1/2 inch (12mm) or more.

Measuring Tips:

IMPORTANT:  OUR MEASURING TOOL MAY NOT PRINT TO SCALE (which could result in incorrect sizing). Please check measurements against a ruler before proceeding to measure.

  • The weight-bearing LENGTH indicates the size necessary. Take width measurements as well since that helps to confirm you have chosen the correct size
  • You may wish to measure each hoof as they may differ in size requiring two different pairs.