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Benefits of Hoof Boots

There are lots of benefits to using hoof boots, especially if you’re considering transitioning your horse from shoes to barefoot.


There are times where horses who are fitted with shoes can use hoofboots. These include travelling : to reduce the risk of injury from shoes whilst travelling. In cases of hoof wall disease selected boots can be used over shoes. although this not recommended on a regular basis. Carrying a boot on a hack in-case your horse loses a shoe ensures you can carry on your hack and return in comfort and if you’re a TREC competitor, it is a requirement to carry one on PORs.

Transitioning SUPPORT

When shoes are being removed (temporarily or permanently) or the workload increases, the hooves may need some extra support while they recover or adapt. Selecting the correct boot for the amount of support is an important consideration.

The end goal is that the horse is able to adapt to the work without the need for boots, however due to management, diet and environment this isn’t always possible. The use of hoof boots instead of shoes acts as a compromise between workload, comfort and health, allowing your horse’s hooves to be natural between ridden periods.


In cases such as Laminitis or caudal failure where the hoof requires additional support, hoof boots can be used as a way of providing instant relief. This will not cure the problem, but it will offer comfort while the problem is being diagnosed/treated. Please remember that neither hoof boots nor shoes will treat an underlying condition, if a horse is unsound without boots or shoes they are unsound. We believe that boots are more helpful in these instances as they can be removed and applied without the need of a farrier so you can gain an accurate gauge of the discomfort to see if the treatment is working.

COMPLETE Hoof Boot Fitting & Sizing

More than just approved stockists, we actively fit and assess for hoof boots and know each and every boot we stock inside and out. 

We follow up-to-date research and regularly engage in equine anatomy, bio-mechanics, hoof care and trimming courses to allow us to provide our customers with as much information as possible. In person fittings even include a trim tidy service as we bring our full trimming and fitting kit with us.

All consultations offer photo/video analysis including a written report covering hoof measurements, boot sizing based on measurement, conformation & gait plus a general hoof assessment. While we are unable to diagnose any medical condition, we can refer to you where we recognise a pattern of signs &/or symptoms pointing to a possible underlying health condition.

Fit Kits Included!

Our fitting consultation includes the use of our fit kit to help you determine the right boot size and make. Fit kits can include multiple brands and sizes up to a maximum of 6 boots. 

We even include tracked postage both ways  (within Ireland only).

How It Works


Our step by step guide & video will show you how to take the photos we need to measure your horse's hooves most accurately.

Fit Kit

Following your assessment & report we will recommend which hoof boots and sizes to try. A mixed fit kit is included in our service.


For peace of mind, all boots include a 14 day trial and returns policy so you can try the boots before committing to their long-term use.

As featured in…

We have fitted 100’s of hoof boots over the past few years, here are just a few reviews from our Facebook Page. 

"Hi, i have a mare who was very difficult to fit for hoof boots behind , her regular boots twisted. Phillippa got her sorted with 2 different size scoots behind- so grateful"
Jean OConnor
horse owner
"Phillippa has so much knowledge and was very helpful to advise on all my questions. All the details taken on the day was very well documented in the report that I received afterwards. Huge thank you and definitely a well spent money and pony happy hacking on the road without the need for metal shoes,nails "
Maja Niemiec
horse owner
"Just got a pair of Scoot Boots for my mare and Phillippa was so helpful and knowledgeable. The boots arrived the next day and fit perfectly. Would highly recommend Equine Partnership and Phillippa"
Amanda Donnelly Marrow
horse owner

Virtual Fitting

Postage Inclusive (ROI/NI)
  • Virtual consultation with a specialist hoofboot fitter
  • Sizing & assessment report
  • FREE digital hoof boot fit guide
  • Fit kit hire
  • Aftercare & online support
  • 14 day trial

In-Person Fitting

1:1 Appointment
  • In-person appointment with a hoof boot fitter
  • Sizing & assessment report
  • Fit kit and boots tried on*
  • Customisations as needed
  • Photos supplied
  • Aftercare & online support
  • 14 day trial

*boots will be tried on where in stock, or another boot from the same make where available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brands do you work with?

We are approved stockists for Scoot Boots, Swiss Galoppers & Cavallo . We have looked at many boots on the market and some are quite similar, however these boots all offer something different, so we have a great range for various requirements.

Can I order from you?

Yes! We are approved stockists and carry most of the sizes and accessories. If it’s not in stock on the day we can order in within 3-14 days.

Will you come out to fit the hoofboots?

We are regularly on tour within Ireland, so we can offer an in-person service, however this is dependent on restrictions and lockdowns at this time, so we recommend the virtual service.

What if the boots don't fit?

Before receiving your boots you will have tried the fitting shells, so if they aren’t fitting correctly and in new unused (tried on) without any signs of wear we will exchange for free.

Do you offer a trial service?

All purchases of new hoof boots include a 14 day trial, for more information please see our returns policy.

How do I know if the boots fit well?

Our guide includes links to our video library on how to fit and check the fit on boots. We are still here to help alongside as additional support if you need us.

How do I know if the boots fit well?

Our guide includes links to our video library on how to fit and check the fit on boots. We are still here to help alongside as additional support if you need us.

Where do I send the photos?

The fitting guide details how you can send the photos to us, which includes email and popular apps.

Why do you charge a fee for online fitting?

Our virtual fitting fee includes both our expert time and the use of our fit kit including tracked postage to you as well as a returns paid label. Free measuring services do not include this facility and will offer this as a separate product. We want to be fully inclusive to provide a comprehensive service to ensure we can get the best fit for our customers. We have also found in the past free services can be sadly abused and as our time is so precious we want to make sure we give it to those who appreciate it as well as need it.

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