Equine Partnership was founded in 2017 when equine coach and trainer Phillippa Christie was developing her knowledge and skills in bridle fitting, bitless and force free training methods.

Phillippa’s research became a workshop on bitless bridle fitting, and to accompany this she wrote the Bitless 101 Guide, which became instanly popular selling 100’s of copies around the world. She then went on to film for the DVD : Bitless Masterclass. The Bitless 101 guide is now replaced by her new book Bitless & Bridleless, co-authored with Sadie Beech Horsemanship.

Phillippa tours internationally, teaching and training horses with a positive and bitless approach. The shop became an organic extension of the natural products she tries and tests at home with her herd of horses.

Watch Phillippa’s Story


Bitless 101 is available in a DVD!


Interested to learn more? The Bitless Masterclass includes transitioning exercises, interviews + BONUS video – How to tie the Mecate rein.




Our boutique shop is open to the public by appointment only. We stock specialist items including our hoof boots, bitless bridles and treeless saddles.

To make an appointment please contact us via email or phone 066 979 0528 / 085 877 2543



In addition to our online services, we also offer in person fitting and coaching to our clients in Ireland. Phillippa regularly tours throughout Ireland including Northern Ireland. She also tours in the UK, however these tours are suspended for the moment due to Covid19 restrictions.